Friday, December 05, 2008

Britney's Dilemma

The singer is having mixed emotions about her bust
- Britney Spears wants a breast reduction. The 'Womanizer' singer has mixed emotions about her bust and wants to undergo augmentation to fit into her old stage outfits. Britney, who was seen wearing a cleavage-boosting dress at her birthday party earlier this week, is quoted as saying: 'I have a love-hate relationship with my boobs. At the moment I hate them and want them smaller. 'I can't wear the kind of suits I used to love, like the red PVC one I got to wear for the 'Oops I Did It Again' video, for example, I don't feel streamlined. 'I'm tempted to have a breast reduction so I can slink into some amazing stage outfits for my next set of shows. I know they look sexy but sometimes they get in the way.' Britney, 27, is reportedly planning a complete overhaul of her image after being stung by criticism of her recent TV performances. A source said: 'To be described as nothing more than a miming porn star was galling and led to her questioning her appearance. 'She's now thinking of becoming more of a rock chick. The thing is, she looks great as she is.' One insider has claimed Britney is taking diet pills in a bid to speed up her weight loss in preparation for her forthcoming world tour. Another source said: 'The pills are like diuretics. She has to go to the bathroom constantly. Everyone knows she still throws up when she's eaten too much'. (Bang via MSN/ Reuters Photo via Yahoo)

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